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  • How do I change my membership?
    After logging into the Proximity platform at use the drop down menu in the upper right corner (Memberships) to change your membership level. If you need to cancel your membership, simply send an email to
  • Why do I need the app?
    For members with 24/7 access, the most important feature about the app are the after-hours keys. Without the app, you cannot access the building. Additionally, you can reserve conference rooms within the SIH using the app and find other members of the Hub. If you're traveling, you can use the app to see if there is another coworking space that uses the Proximity system. If so, most will let you work there for free if you contact them!
  • Is the gym a part of my membership?
    It is not. Newtown Fitness is a member of the Staunton Innovation Hub and a phenomenal facility. We encourage you to explore their affordable, safe gym membership options at
  • What is Slack and why is it important?
    Slack is the messaging system we use internally to connect with one another. While the building is staffed, Slack is the fastest way to communicate with SIH staff about questions or concerns that are not answered by this FAQ page. Slack is also a way to connect with other members. Need a brain break and want a quick game of foosball? Put out a call on slack to find someone to join you! Want a lunch buddy? Need help in a specific area of expertise? Slack is the best way to connect with the community around you. Join us at
  • How do I know what's happening at the SIH?
    There are several ways: subscribe to our Events Google calendar check in to the Event page on our website keep your eyes on Slack, where we will post event reminders or ideas for future events
  • What happens if I go over my conference room limit?
    Members get conference room reservation time built in as a perk of membership. Once the limit for membership is exceeded, the time will be charged, by the hour. The fee will be automatically withdrawn from the payment method we have on file for you. As you reserve conference room time, you will be notified if you are about to be charged.
  • My app isn't working! What do I do?
    That stinks! I'm so sorry... The most frequent time members notice it not working is when they're trying to access the door. First, (this might sound crazy) make sure you're pushing the correct key for the correct door. Second, check that you're logged in. If you're not logged in, you can't use the app. Third, REBOOT! My handsome IT husband always tells me to restart and see if that helps before doing anything. So, restart your phone. Fourth, if that still fails and you can't get in, call 540-212-9595 and choose the option for Hannah. It will ring her and she can get you in from wherever she is.
  • Can I print from my phone or tablet?
    Absolutely! You can learn more about how to print from your specific devide under the "Member help" section of
  • How do I change or cancel a reservation?
    When you're logged in to Proximity (the same site where you pay your bill and make reservations) click the drop down menu in the top right. Click on "reservations". From here you can cancel any reservation. If you need to change a reservation, you must first cancel then reschedule. You cannot do this through the app.
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