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Working From Home is OUT, Coworking Spaces are IN

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Since COVID-19 hit, the entire business world has shifted to a virtual landscape. The phrase “What’s the Zoom link?” has become a huge part of the day-to-day vocabulary. At first, it was scary and challenging to make this shift. Change is hard and we struggled to adjust to the unprecedented times.

However, humanity has proven its resiliency and technology has revealed more possibilities than ever before. TikTok, originally an entertainment app for younger generations, is now a go-to marketing strategy for big businesses and savvy entrepreneurs. Video conferencing platforms have made scheduling business meetings more manageable. Direct-to-consumer businesses have multiplied and introduced a new world of sales and marketing.

As places open back up and things shift back to “normal” these new work styles and platforms don’t go away. This is the new normal. Thousands of jobs across the nation remain fully remote. We have discovered too much and have gotten too comfortable to revert to our old ways. This being said, coworking spaces like Staunton Innovation Hub are the perfect happy medium for this new world.

At Staunton Innovation Hub, you have the opportunity to go into the office just like you used to, but you also have the freedom to work on your own time. A paid membership here gives you access to both our buildings 24/7. So, you can come to the office during the day, or you can come at 2 a.m. if you are a night owl. We have several types of memberships to choose from.

  • If you work for one of those thriving direct-to-consumer businesses or if you are a savvy entrepreneur yourself, we have available private offices for you to rent and make your own.

  • If you have a job that is partially remote, we have co-working memberships where you can simply come sit at an open desk and crank out some work a couple times a week.

  • If a private office is too much, but open desk-space isn’t enough, we have special designated desks waiting for you and only you to use!

Whatever you want, we got. Book a tour with us by contacting or look up coworking spaces in other cities if you want to travel! Don’t wait around for things “to go back to normal.” Get out of the house, increase your productivity and tackle this new world from a coworking space, because places like us ARE the new normal, you heard it here first.

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