Why Support the SIH?

From the beginning, the Staunton Innovation Hub has set out to change the way small towns like ours do business. We recognized a need to have a place where entrepreneurs and startups can come to share ideas and be supported as they work toward a dream. For some, this is as simple as having access to fast internet. For others, its is a much more profound sense of connection to a community of like-minded individuals who can take their ideas farther than they could on their own.

Here's where you come in. Up to this point, we have been primarily singularly funded. A big reason for this is that in the "experimental" phase, we wanted to keep things as streamlined as possible. Now that we have had the opportunity to iron out a lot of the wrinkles, we believe we have something amazing to offer potential partners and sponsors. 

Simply put, we have brought this vision to you, but without generous sponsors and partners, we can only take it so far. If this speaks to you, please explore the options for different levels of partnership/sponsorship. Join us as we support Staunton, one entrepreneur/startup pioneer/remote employee at a time.



SIH Partners give a one-time gift with benefits and recognition that last all year.




Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Treat this option like a registry! You can support a specific item of your choice and have your branding/name put on it.

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