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We wanted to take a moment to update you with the latest on the construction progress. Sadly, we will not be making the deadline of the April 1 move in date. This is in part to a number of factors, including construction hiccups and funding (we are waiting on Historic Tax Credits and are, unfortunately, at their mercy). We are all disappointed, but very thankful for the support we are receiving from the SIH community. This totally stinks, but we press on! 


What this means for you is we now have a new move-in date in August. As that date gets closer, you will get additional and more specific information on how move in will be orchestrated to make it as smooth as possible. IF THIS POSES A HUGE PROBLEM FOR YOU please reach out to Amy and we can try to come up with a solution to meet your needs.

You can find the video of the announcement to current members HERE, which includes information and relevant questions from those in attendance.

As always, thank you all for your understanding and your support and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

What spaces will be available?
  • 25,000 Square feet (+ 4,000 sq. ft. at 32 N. Augusta)

  • 5 Conference Rooms (+1 at 32 N. Augusta)

  • 9 additional phone booths

  • 30-seat classroom available

What cool features can I expect?
  • A game room with board games and Foosball

  • A quiet, no-screen, no tech area for working

  • a wellness room (for napping, meditation, nursing mothers, and peace)

  • A state-of-the-art clean tech space with robotics, 3D printer, AI technology, possible plotter AND we are working on a mobile tech bus for collaboration with area schools

  • An AV room with great lighting and sound for short video production and/or video conferencing

  • Bathroom with shower available (for those who like to bike to work or exercise during lunch)

  • Business Center - Mail room/copier/printer

  • Lockers provided

Will there be event space?
  • YES!

    • A community plaza for hosting events (and fast internet reaches there for coworkers!)

    • Private courtyard and rooftop deck for SIH member to use for work. Also reservable for events.

    • Coworking space in the warehouse converts to an event space with kitchen area, which can be reserved for private events (kitchen can accommodate catering)

Is there more?
  • Over and beyond actual space specs, we will host programs & events to help each member of the SIH become their very best, in business, mind, body and soul. Many of these events will also be open to the Staunton community!

Sponsorship Opportunities Available!


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