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From Corporate Desk to Brisket Bliss

Hey there, Staunton hustlers and dream-chasers! I know it's been a while, and I'm so sorry, but it's been busy (in all the best ways) here at the Innovation Hub! We've got a story that's as tender and flavorful as a perfectly smoked brisket, served up right from our own backyard here at the Innovation Hub.

Picture this: a corporate guy turned brisket maestro, all thanks to the power of community and support. Intrigued? Meet Justin McBride, a Texan with a knack for smoked goodness, and Mike O'Neal, the visual wizard behind their shared journey.

Remember that corporate job you secretly daydreamed of escaping from? Justin McBride lived it, just like many of us. But guess what? He dared to chase his dream and swapped the cubicle for a smoker. Yep, you heard that right. Justin waved goodbye to the world of spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations and embraced his love for brisket.

Hailing from the land where brisket is practically a religion—Texas—Justin's heart was set on bringing that authentic Texan flavor to Staunton. And that's where the Innovation Hub comes into play.

More than just a shared workspace, the Innovation Hub is a haven for creative minds and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Imagine a place where a graphic designer's ideas collide with a software developer's skills, where conversations spark new ventures, and camaraderie flows as naturally as the coffee. But here's the twist: the story you're about to delve into isn't just an outsider's perspective. Both the storyteller and the subject, Mike O'Neal and Justin, are active members of the Hub—a testament to the sense of belonging that the space fosters.

Mike O'Neal, the creative genius behind Husky Unicorn Media, captured Justin's journey from corporate life to brisket savior in a heartwarming video. This coworking space isn't just about physical desks; it's about creating connections that lead to incredible stories.

So, without further ado, here is this lovely story, for you to enjoy... (CLICK TO WATCH)

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