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It's The Little Things...

  • Riding down the road, windows down, music cranked up

  • Hitting a goal, however small

  • Running in to a dear friend

  • Laughter. True, deep, unaldulterated belly laughter.

  • A cold beer on a hot day after a long day of work

  • Social media videos of alpacas

For me it was this gem. I found this gorgeous, comfortable romper, with flowers (my FAV), that fits me like a glove, feels like pajamas, and has POCKETS. Like WOOO! I wore this and every time I looked down at it or strutted down the hall, it reboosted my energy for the day. To some it may seem stupid, or trivial, or vain... but I don't care! It made me SO happy.

What in the world does that have to do with anything? With your business? With your success?

Just a simple question... do you take the time to let the little things bring you joy or reenergize you? On those days when you are dragging, what gives you that zap of energy to let you finish the race? When you're going through a hard season, where do you find your strenght? Do you allow the little things in, but in a positive way?

Today, find your little thing. OR if you already know what yours may be, embrace it (no judgement or embarrassment).

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