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More than a feeeeeeelinnnnggggg!!!

Now you have that song in your head. (Sorry- not sorry).

I want to take a moment and tell you a story about community. Dan is a guy who has been with the SIH almost from the very start. He has been such a huge supporter of the Hub and an all-around nice guy. Well, he's moving on to the next phase for him. For me, this is where my job is super bittersweet. He is pursuing his health, happiness, and overall well-being, and I am happy for him but sad that he's leaving.

For MONTHS Dan has been hounding me, I mean asking me, for lunchtime Karaoke. Yup, you read that right. No booze, lunchtime karaoke. You can imagine, I was hesitant, but this was Dan's last week, so we wanted to send him out with a BANG. You want to know what happened?

IT. WAS. AWESOME. A small, but enthusiastic group of us came out and sang our little hearts out and shared a vulnerability with one another. Comments came to us like "I was in a really dark meeting and walked into this... THIS is exactly what I needed."

That's what we do here. We work hard, but we play too. We support one another. We build in time to take chances and be vulnerable. We celebrate victories and share in our defeats. Dan's persistence and our affection for him may have just started a new tradition at the Hub. Maybe he will come back and sing over lunch with us!

So...what's your song?

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