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Working as a Team to Go Green!

The trees are turning green and so should you! As Spring approaches, Staunton Innovation Hub is implementing a “Green Initiative” Campaign. We are minimizing our carbon footprint by maximizing our efforts to protect our environment! We strive for innovation and collaboration as we move towards a greater, cleaner and greener future.

Here’s the Plan.

Raise Awareness –

Going green sounds awesome but what does it really mean? Why does it matter? Can I actually make an impact? We are doing our research to answer those questions! Staunton Innovation Hub will share infographics and articles on all media platforms to educate members on the importance of environmental sustainability. We will distribute informational fliers and reminders to promote discussion about this topic throughout the Hub. Raising awareness is the first step and we have both broad and specific goals to do so.

Become Mindful –

“Ok, so now that that you’ve done research, how will you implement it in your everyday life??”

Simple! We will be mindful of our everyday lifestyles and we will adjust them in ways that conserve energy. Some examples of change will be walking to work, turning off the lights of unoccupied offices, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, printing double sided and more. As we make these small changes, we will be more mindful walking through everyday life. As innovators, we will naturally find ways to part from old habits and adopt new ones.

Work Together –

The community here is tight-knit and unstoppable. Together, we can become more eco-friendly. After doing our research, sharing what we’ve learned and becoming more mindful of our everyday practices, we will remind each other to continue these practices. Communication is key. Here are some things you will start hearing around the Hub as this campaign takes off.

“Look at this new craft I made with all my recycled bottles!”

“Don’t forget to turn off your office lights when you head out today.”

“Let me show you how to print double sided.”

“Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful; do you want to walk to work together?”

There are a number of ways we can change our everyday habits in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle. While no one is perfect, we have the ability to take initiative together! After all, we are the Staunton INNOVATION Hub. We can and we will innovate new ways to work as a team by going green!

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