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Who IS that?!?!

How many times has it happened where you are in the kitchen, heating your lunch and you see someone you don't know?

Maybe you're that person who will offer your name and make a new friend on the spot. Maybe you're not. Well, this series of coffee talk sessions are for you! We are using these as a type of open house to give you a chance to:

  • yes, meet your neighbors

  • match a face to a name

  • more importantly, see what all is available in terms of talent, service, and interest in this amazing community!

Maybe you don't care about making new friends. That's cool too. Attending this session can help you to have an idea of businesses that are in the Hub that might help your business to grow!

So if you are a second-floor member or a DD holder, please come and be ready to talk about what you do for a living.

If you're not, come ready to learn about who's who in the Hub!

Either way, the coffee and donuts will be there!

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